Earnest Deposit

Earnest Deposit

Xcellence Realty Escrow deposit Payment Center
Please click the button below, you will be redirected to our online escrow deposit system.

Acuse de recibo del depósito de garantía del alquiler de la vivienda

Xcellence Realty solamente accepta depositos de buena fe para transacciones de renta, si usted da click hal button yes debajo usted declara que este deposito es para una transaccion de renta y no de compra.
Si necesita hacer un depósito de garantía para una transacción de compra, puede hacerlo a través de nuestra empresa de títulos & escrow company Xcellence Title

Residential Rental Earnest Deposit Acknowledgement

Xcellence Realty only accepts earnest deposits for rental transactions that we are named as the escrow agent in the lease contract.  By clicking yes below you are acknowledging that this deposit is for a rental transaction and not a purchase transaction.  Furthermore if your deposit is for a rental transaction that the move-in date is less than 10 days from now, please do not use this method and contact your Realtor for an alternative escrow payment option.
If you need to make an earnest deposit for a purchase transaction you can do so through our title & escrow company Xcellence Title.