Aymbriana Pollard


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I first become interested in real estate almost 20 years ago. Even in my teens, I understood property ownership to be a great wealth-building opportunity. I tried to buy my first home during my second year of college. My sister and I had the goal of purchasing a home to live in, instead of renting (we are twins so that was twice the amount of rent to live in the same place). But it was difficult to find a real estate agent to take two young and uninformed buyers seriously as most agents just wanted buyers who would close quickly.

After that experience, I decided to become a Realtor so that I could help other young or inexperienced buyers through the daunting but rewarding process of home-ownership. Now that I’ve learned a thing or two about real estate and real estate investing, I want to serve as a resource for others. It took me years to figure out how to achieve my real estate goals. You can achieve yours much sooner and I’m here to help you do so.