Angela Kalfas


Phone: 850-294-5543
Languages Spoken:

Angela “Angel” Kalfas’ Tallahassee roots run deep. A fifth-generation local, she has been serving her community through real estate since 2016. Angel holds a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University in finance and multinational business to support her entrepreneurial endeavors. She co-owns a construction company with her husband, Bling & Bang Construction LLC. Angel’s passion for architecture and remodeling led her to become a real estate professional.

Angel’s goal is to make dreams a reality. She puts the client first and is always available to answer their questions. Thanks to her unparalleled local expertise, Angel has a talent for finding Tallahassee’s hidden gems. She also has an eye for staging and marketing. Angel specializes in new constructions, fixer-uppers, and listings, and she leverages her finance background to get both buyers and sellers the best deal possible.

In her spare time, Angel enjoys remodeling and interior design. She also loves spending time outdoors fishing and shooting photography.